Friday, February 17, 2012

Bikin' n birdin'

The basket had to go
Looking northwest - farms and small harbours
Looking southwest - tiny islands full of potential
All mine! (Image via PBase)
  So I finally got my sweet ride! Once I teach myself how to stop stalling at intersections, I'll be conducting a thorough recon of the whole island. I've spotted a lot of potentially interesting spots on Google Earth - reservoirs, rocky peninsulas, quiet harbours, and extensive farm fields - I wonder if they still exist? Also, while hiking the tallest mountain on Geoje, Geyrong-san ('san' is mountain in Korean), the other day, I saw what looked like a huge patch of coastal reedbed through the binos. Looks promising.
  As for this weekend, the plan is to check out a couple of good coastal birding spots around Busan.

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