Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Swashbucklin, bikin n birdin Korea style

What getting gloriously lost looks like
JP getting after it
Pelagic near North Korea

  Y'know what I miss the most about Korea? Hopping on a 1996 Daelim VS (a 300$ bike that looks like it cost at least...twice that much) with my binos and camera and heading off to unknown and unbirded patches of wilderness in the hopes of finding suitable bird habitat and interesting birds.
  In Korea, suitable bird habitat is disappearing at a disgusting rate, so maybe I should head back soon and see what there is to see before it's gone. And maybe this time round I could do more to helpfully contribute to documenting and conserving Korea's unique bird life in whatever way I can. Hey, let's make that a resolution.
  Vroom! Chirp!

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