Tuesday, February 26, 2013

White-eye eye

  I was sorting through some old pics and came across the pic of a Japanese White-eye (known as Warbling White-eye as of 2019) that graces the top of this page. I took it at Seogwipo's KAL Hotel way back in January 2009, and the neat thing is that if you look closely in its eye you can see the hotel, sky, and manicured lawn reflected! 
  Slow bird week. Oh, I went to the Arbo on Saturday, I'll put up a post about that.


  1. Wow! What a tiny mirror. Shows what a good camera you have. It's a cracker of a portrait with the berries and pose. Great little birds, aren't they?

  2. Or shows how lucky I am! Any 'good' pictures I've taken of birds are usually what's left after deleting the dozens of awful/blurry ones I snapped off! And this one was unusually confiding, it seemed to be posing for me - I suspect it may have been berry drunk.
    Yes, Japanese White-eyes are one of those birds that tend to appear when my energy is flagging as if to say 'Get your ass in gear, you can do this!', with the Daurian Redstart (Follow me down this trail!) being another.