Monday, April 1, 2013

Ottawa road trip birds

Endless geese
Spring is here!
  Even though it wasn't a birding trip to Ottawa, the binos were out and a decent number of spring birds were spotted. Heading to Ottawa on March 30th, endless skeins of Canada Geese were stacked all the way back to the horizon. Another good sign of spring in the area were the countless Red-winged Blackbirds perched along the highway as regularly as mile markers. Poo-chick-o-reeeee! We spotted the odd Common Grackle along the road, and even in downtown Ottawa. Also of note were two Great Blue Herons spotted flying high above the highway.
  On April 1st, the trip back to Montreal saw a lot fewer Canada Geese flying (perhaps due to the extremely strong winds), but we did spot smaller groups in fields, and even saw a large group of Snow Geese resting in a farmer's field.
  I feel like spending spring on some small Yellow Sea islands birding from dawn to dusk.

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