Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Birding Denmark, the sequel, September 17-28, 2014

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Fanø Island, off Esbjerg
Dawn at Ebeltoft
Ebeltoft llamas
Randomness on the beach at Esbjerg
The beach at Esbjerg
Ebeltoft fields
Beach at Ebeltoft
Ebeltoft field
Small lake near Ebeltoft
That's how I roll
  The last two weeks have seen me leave the vineyard at Guldbaek (just south of Aalborg), spend several days on Denmark’s west coast at Esbjerg, then move to a llama farm (!) at Ebeltoft, which juts (!) eastward from the Jutland peninsula.
  At Guldbaek there were plenty of interesting woodland and countryside birds about, notable being good views of a normally skiddish Hooded Crow, a European Greenfinch with an apparently deformed bill, and several Dunnock posing on the tips of young spruce trees, just like they’re supposed to. I finally got a decent look at some Long-tailed Tits around Guldbaek, which appeared to be intermediate between the black-headed form found further south, and northern white-headed caudatus form.
  Most notable in the hilly fields around Ebeltoft have been large (100-300 of each species) mixed flocks of Northern Lapwing, Common Starling, and Black-headed Gull resting in the fields or flying overhead, with smaller numbers (30-80) of European Golden Plover sprinkled in. Also seen in and around Ebeltoft were: a single Northern Wheatear perching on a pile of haystacks, apparently on its way south; loose groups of Meadow Pipits and Linnets rippling overhead fairly regularly; six Grey Partridge flushing close to a road and landing nearby; a Great Grey Shrike keeping vigil from a dead tree next to the llama farm; and a Common Ringed Plover pacing the nearby beach.
  Next stop: Sønderborg, on the German border.

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