Thursday, August 27, 2015

Miscellaneous Suncheon Critters

Japanese Tiger Beetle Cicindela chinensis japonica 
Siberian Chipmunk Eutamias sibiricus
Bowed Fiddler Crab Uca arcuata
Korean Brown Frog Rana coreana
Raccoon Dog Nyctereutes procyonoides pup
Raccoon Dog Nyctereutes procyonoides pup
Common Mudskippers Periophthalmus kalolo
  Slow bird week, so here are some other critters of late. Raccoon Dogs have always been one shifty paw ahead of me - I'd never gotten a good look at one, until last week. A few days ago I stumbled round a bend and saw two pups sitting on a path. We stared at each other for about four seconds, before they clumsily loped off. I'm hoping to clumsily lope off to Dolsan tomorrow, to get a much-needed break from Suncheon, and perhaps see if any fall migrants are kicking about.

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