Thursday, April 28, 2016

Gageo lizard flashback - Tsushima Smooth Skink

Tsushima Smooth Skink Scincella vandenburghi
Tsushima Smooth Skink Scincella vandenburghi
Tsushima Smooth Skink Scincella vandenburghi
  Slow day, so I was flicking through some old folders from Gageo Island, and found these images of Tsushima Smooth Skinks. These sleek, coppery shrike-treats are usually found on Jeju and the Yellow Sea islands in the summer. Why am I digging through these old folders? Perhaps I'm trying to relive the giddy feeling I got when I was spring birding on the islands. In any case, one fine Gaego morning I saw one of these skinks attack another one, that appeared to be mangy or sick. How rude! It's a lizard-eat-lizard world out there. There's a haiku in there somewhere.

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