Friday, September 22, 2017

Gageo-do sights, spring 2013

Hills of Gageo
1-Gu harbour in the fog
That steep switchback road leads roughly to the spot pictured in the last post
The quarry (I heard it's been thrashed by developers since then)  
Waves of exhausted migrants would stream onto that tree-covered bump before heading north

Soaked, exhausted, cold, and absolutely loving it
       Fog rolls in, to the soothing sounds of wind, Japanese Bush Warblers, and a buzzing phone

Looking down at the quarry...

Quarry waves
  Sights of the one-time bird-magnet quarry near 1-Gu, mainly. I'm bored. Good ol' Gageo Island was a hoot, the most fun I've had birding - probably ever. Spring migration in the Yellow Sea and all that. I've got heaps of wacky tales of Gageo and other Korean birding shenanigans written down somewhere, which I'll publish one day, although trying to find an agent sucks, innit.

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