Sunday, January 28, 2018

Oil spill headed for Jeju Island

Jeju's lovely southwest coast, one of my old birding haunts
That black pumpkin seed at center screen getting whacked by oil is Jeju Island (Reuters)
  The Sanchi, an oil tanker that sunk off China this month, is leaking oil, and that oil is predicted to reach Jeju Island in the following months. I lived on Jeju for four years, and it's a place I dearly love. Here's hoping that oil slick breaks up, changes course, or 'something.' The proper Korean authorities mobilizing immediately would be a good start towards preventing yet another slow-motion Korean eco-disaster. Birds Korea outlines the bird species that would likely be affected if the spill reaches Korea, and it's not pretty:

Reuters graphic of possible spread of the oil spill:

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