Sunday, April 1, 2012

Black Wood Pigeon

Heading to Wood Pigeon Island
Black Wood Pigeon habitat
Black Wood Pigeon Columba janthina
Black Wood Pigeon Columba janthina
Black Wood Pigeon Columba janthina
 Here is a bird I have been dying to see for a few years. Near threatened, this bird is only found on small offshore islands. I got an early start on Saturday and headed to a nearby island to check for anything interesting - the Black Wood Pigeon definitely qualifies! I heard it crooning eerily, and got a quick glimpse of one high up in the treetops before it flew off. I was gutted I didn't get a better look. I hung around for almost two hours, going mad from craning my neck upwards trying to locate the noisy but elusive birds. When it was almost time to get back to the ferry, the birding gods smiled on me, and two of these impressive birds fluttered down onto a tree right at my eye level. Amazing!
  A Black Kite, and numerous Japanese Bush Warblers singing their summer songs were also notable on the island. Back in Gohyeon, Little Ringed Plovers and Grey Wagtails have been arriving over the past week, a good sign that summer is around the corner. In the harbour, most of the Great Crested and Little Grebes are starting to assume their summer plumage. The large group of Eurasian Wigeons near my apartment seems to be thinning out lately, and I've noticed large numbers of Grey Herons in the area over the past week.

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