Sunday, December 2, 2012

Red-billed Starling - December 2, 2012

Red-billed Starling (Silky Starling) Spodiopsar sericeus
  Here's another Chinese bird that was almost never seen in Korea just a decade ago, but has been making inroads on the peninsula.  It's listed as a rare migrant to Korea in the Brazil book, but the story goes deeper than that.  They've been breeding on Jeju for a few years now, and some may winter in Korea in small numbers.  I'm not sure if this one was a late southward migrant (some migrate through nearby Tsushima) or a winter visitor, but it definitely seemed freshly in if I had to guess.  It was on its own,  and it seemed lethargic and nervous.  It was being mobbed by, once again, Brown-eared Bulbuls.  Oh, and I found it a short four minute walk from my front door - don't neglect your own patch, folks!

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