Friday, February 15, 2013

'Bad' birds pics/The first digi-scoping ever?

Osprey Pandion haliaetus, viewed through comic-book-camera+spotting scope, Lasalle Quebec, 1988
Osprey pic comments
Tiger Shrike Lanius tigrinus viewed through cellcam+spotting scope, Geoje 2012
  Looking at Dan's creepily bad cellphone pic of the Barred Owl (or is it The Mothman?), I was reminded of a picture I took wayyyy back in 1988 while on a PQSPB trip in Lasalle. Everyone was looking at a distant Osprey though a spotting scope, and I asked if I could take a picture of it by putting my mini 'comic-book' camera up to the scope. Everyone scoffed, but I went ahead and clumsily fitted the tiny camera to the eyepiece and clicked. When the picture came back, I was shocked to see it had actually come out. My first bird picture - caveman digiscoping! I recently saw that pic again, in Dan's old bird diary. The old and more recent comments crack me up.
  Last year, in a nod to that incident, I held my cellphone camera up to JP's scope to get a picture of a ripping Tiger Shrike on Geoje, just for giggles.
  Incidentally, I got that mini camera by saving Bazooka Joe comics, not out of a comic book.

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