Thursday, April 11, 2013

Back to the ROK

It's a's a MISSILE! No wait, it's just a bird.
  In 12 days I will be on Gageo-do, a small island in the Yellow Sea. I will be there for perhaps a month, staring at a dizzying array of migrating birds from before dawn to post-sundown every day, before heading to another island. To say I'm excited is a definite understatement.
  Ratcheting up of tensions! Bellicose rhetoric! Yeah yeah. Some skirmishes will happen, but is it wrong of me to limit my concern to the possibility of not being able to head north to Socheong in mid-May to follow the migrants? Possibly. When I see the strangely grainy footage of good old KJU admiring shining artillery pieces I'm staring at the habitat in the back and listening for familiar birdsong.

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