Thursday, June 13, 2013

Shorebird flock at Yubu-do

Dawn at Yubu Island
  I've been busy settling back in on the singular Jeju Island. It's been quiet as far as birds go, but I did hear a Fairy Pitta (!!) calling outside my window last week, which is promising. Probably on its way to nearby hills. Temporary lack of a vehicle and near-daily rain have so far meant I haven't been able to snoop around some of my secret Pitta/Para-Fly valleys, but I'm hoping that will soon change.
  This video was taken in mid-May at Yubu-do, a surreal little island off Gunsan, while on a mission to see how many critically endangered Spoon-billed Sandpipers were about. We saw several, which is impressive when you consider that there are perhaps only 150 individuals left worldwide. This year's Birdathon was especially meant to help raise money and awareness for Spoonies. 
  I have a large backlog of photos and reports from my amazing spring in the Yellow Sea, I'm hoping to properly sort through it and post it up soon.

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