Monday, July 22, 2013

Slow few weeks on Jeju / west coast bikin n birdin

Another road to nowhere
Yongsu Reservoir, west coast
Near Yongsu
Nice-looking Jacana habitat - if it wasn't surrounded by Olle Trails
Seotal Oreum - great for migrants in spring, especially thrushes and buntings
Altreu arifield - relic Kamikaze bunkers, and a great spot for Little Whimbrel and Oriental Pratincoles in spring
Southwest coast, looking east past Sanbangsan
Typical Japanese Paradise Flycatcher habitat
  Pretty quiet around Jeju lately, although I have found three new Japanese Paradise Flycatcher spots, in muggy valleys on the southern slope of Halla Mountain (South Korea's tallest peak) over the past couple of weeks. 
  I went on a ramble round the west coast last weekend in hopes of finding the fabled breeding grounds of rare species known to breed on Jeju in the past, such as Painted Snipe and Pheasant-tailed Jacana. No luck - it's a pretty big haystack to be rambling around.
  I did find some suitable lily ponds, but unfortunately these were much too close to sources of regular disturbance, like fishing spots and the ever-expanding Olle Trails. Looks like I need to gather some more intel...

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