Monday, December 29, 2014

Hi-tech Birding - Birdwatcher's Digest, September/October 1989

Clunk clunkitty clunk
Yea right dude
I can't find the RAM key!
  Slow birding week, so here's a blast from musty old 1989. I believe Dan-lad bought this magazine back then, and I ended up with it recently. He was much more of a serious birder than me in those days, with full-on detailed lists, sweet binos, an actual camera, and a meticulous/hilarious journal. "I saw a Ruby-crowned Kinglet, and it was all fluffed up and chubby and cute, and I went crazzzzzzzy and levitated and said wowowowowowowowowwwwww!"
 I flicked through this and was impressed by how little birders have changed, over a span of time where the toys have dramatically changed. I'm digging the clunky old computers, and antiquated terminology. "Where is my DOS?!"
  I've been in full torpor mode these days, sipping coffee whilst wrapped in blankets on the couch all day. I must get out of the house and check some bird spots in NDG/Westmount, and hopefully Dan and I can cruise around and check for Snowies sometime soon.
  Oh it looks like I'm back to Korea next month. Whaaaaaat?!

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