Tuesday, December 9, 2014

UK round-up, Devon/Bucks, November 24 - December 7, 2014

Red Admiral Vanessa atalanta (late?) on gorse, Maidencombe, Devon, November 24
Spot the Chiffchaff Phylloscopus collybita, Shardeloes, Bucks, December 7
Spot the Cirl Bunting Emberiza cirlus, Labrador Bay, Devon, November 24
Great Cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo, Shaldon, Devon, November 24
Long-tailed Tit Aegithalos caudatus, Shardeloes, Bucks, December 7
Long-tailed Tit Aegithalos caudatus, Shardeloes, Bucks, December 7
Eurasian Oystercatcher Haematopus ostralegus, Shaldon, Devon, November 24
Eurasian Oystercatcher Haematopus ostralegus, Shaldon, Devon, November 24
Remains of a European Robin? Maidencombe, Devon, November 24
European Robin Erithacus rubecula, Shardeloes, Bucks, December 7
Mute Swan Cygnus olor, Shardeloes, Bucks, December 7
  I'm winding things up in the UK, as my six-month tourist visa creeps towards expiration ('And stay out!'). It's been a hoot, har har. The Great Grey Shrike I spotted in Amersham in October definitely has to rate as my UK highlight over the past few months, and it looks like a few locals managed to twitch it, which is awesome. Haven't seen it lately though. You know what they say about shrikes. Do you?
  In Devon, the Cirl Buntings were the bee's knees, just a gorgeous bird, with a rough history in the UK over the past few decades. I managed to spot them again at Labrador Bay, and spent a spectacular 15 minutes watching a group of six at close range without the need for binos. I even managed to see/hear a single male Cirl using the smallholding I was staying at as a highway of sorts. I heard it sing briefly every couple of days as it worked its way towards the coastal heights, sticking to the hedgerows. Was it looking for a territory? Hopefully Cirls will make a comeback - it looks like the they're are doing OK in neighbouring Cornwall at least: http://birdguides.com/webzine/article.asp?a=4726
  While on a coastal walk near Torquay on November 19th, I watched a Yellow-browed Warbler as it flitted up from the cliffs below and perched on a twig for a moment, before bouncing casually through the scrub. The YBW is a species I've seen quite regularly in Korea, and it took me a moment to remember that it's not an overly-common bird here, with perhaps only several hundred UK records annually. Because I was too slow to get an image, I didn't report the bird on any local groups. But looking at all the recent YBW records chalked up by local groups on the same small stretch of Devon coast made me think. I'm guessing that a lot more YBW make it to England from Russia than is recognized, maybe they're just greatly overlooked/under-appreciated.
  Back in Amersham, I've been enjoying the influx of winter thrushes here, with flocks of Redwings and Fieldfares lurking in trees along most trails. On that note, it's off to Shardeloes for me.
  Oh, it looks like I'll be winter birding on three continents this year, how merry!

Will I get the UK 100? Wait and see with baited breath, friends, wait and see. Rounding out my UK list:

86. Redwing (Shardeloes, Bucks, October 22, 2014)
87. Fieldfare (Amersham, Bucks, October 24, 2014)
88. Great Grey Shrike (Amersham, Bucks, October 24, 2014)
89. Common Raven (Near Crediton, Devon, October 28, 2014)
90. Stock Dove (Near Crediton, Devon October 31, 2014)
91. Little Owl (Near Crediton, Devon, November 3, 2014)
92. Cirl Bunting (North of Maidencombe, Devon, November 14, 2014)
93. Yellow-browed Warbler (Smuggler’s cove, Torquay, Devon, November 19, 2014)
94. Common Shelduck (Shaldon, Devon, November 24, 2014)
95. Common Redshank (Shaldon, Devon, November 24, 2014)
96. Common Greenshank (Shaldon, Devon, November 24, 2014)
97. Northern Shoveler (Shardeloes, Bucks, December 3, 2014)

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