Monday, May 21, 2018

Down South

Trumpeter Swan Cygnus buccinator
There was a Cerulean Warbler kicking around this area last year...
I used to draw this exact house in kindergarten
  Went down to the George Montgomery Sanctuary in Philipsburg with George Levtchouk and a BPQ gang on Saturday morn (May 19th). The place tickled some musty memories, as I’d been there with Dan in 1989 (on a PQSPB trip), when I picked up my first Wood Thrush. 1989! We were just little towheaded lads back then, wearing short pants, and playing with penny-whistles and moon-rockets, spending all our pocket money on lick-em’ drops and spin-lollies.
  Here’s the list. I saw most of what was on there, and I also heard the distant but distinctive notes of a Yellow-throated Vireo. Discovering nesting Red-bellied Woodpeckers was another highlight.

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