Sunday, May 6, 2018

Where's Warblo?

(Western/brown) Palm Warbler Setophaga palmarum 
Black-throated Blue Warbler Setophaga caerulescens
Northern Cardinal Cardinalis cardinalis
Quite a few trees were down in both cemeteries, 
the aftermath of an intense wind storm on Friday night

  The Warblos are still thin on the ground at the cemeteries, with mostly singletons encountered on the north and south edges. I suppose they’re waiting a few days for the leaves to fully sprout so they can remain more thoroughly hidden, the selfish little yellow assholes.

Mount-Royal Cemetery, (Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery), May 6, 2018
Turkey Vulture-7
Sharp-shinned Hawk-(1)
Cooper’s Hawk-2
Red-shouldered Hawk-1 harried by a Common Raven
Peregrine Falcon-(1 on the tower)
Ring-billed Gull-1
Downy Woodpecker-1 (1)
Hairy Woodpecker-(2)
Northern Flicker-5 (10)
Pileated Woodpecker-1
Eastern Phoebe-(1)
Blue-headed Vireo-1
American Crow-3 (2)
Black-capped Chickadee-10 (8)
Brown Creeper-2 (1)
White-breasted Nuthatch-2 (1)
Red-breasted Nuthatch-2
Winter Wren-3 (1)
Golden-crowned Kinglet-1
Ruby-crowned Kinglet-35+ (25+)
Eastern Bluebird-3 (1)
Hermit Thrush-1
American Robin-3 (3)
European Starling-(2)
Black-throated Blue Warbler-2
Black-throated Green Warbler-1
Yellow-rumped Warbler-3
Palm Warbler-1 ‘western’
American Redstart-1 male
Northern Cardinal-4 (2)
Chipping Sparrow-30+ (25+)
Song Sparrow-6 (5)
White-throated Sparrow-26 (22)
Dark-eyed Junco-12
House Sparrow-(2)
American Goldfinch-15 (12)

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