Monday, March 7, 2016


Lovely Seoul
  Sigh. I just got back from a lovely six days on Deokjeok Island, about 45 km west of Incheon. I was there birding hard with Tim, and we had some interesting birds, in spite of early March being a 'birding doldrum' period in East Asia. More importantly, being on an island like that is good for the soul. Walking around all day birding, interacting with the soft-spoken locals, pioneering great new habitat, staying in a tiny grotty shit-hole room in the harbour, eating peanut butter on crackers every day...I love it. I need it.
  Now I'm in disgusting Seoul. No thanks. Everyone walks around in a hurry with a tense face, lips pursed in a suspicious scowl, ready for confrontation. Last week in Korea for me. Ramble ramble.
  More on Deokjeok soon, in the meantime, read Tim's excellent report:

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