Sunday, April 10, 2016

New field guides/slow bird week

  It has been a bit of a slow bird week. I've been investigating reports of a mystery warbler nearby (in NDG). I have yet to clap eyes on it, but from the clues so far, perhaps it's a Pine Warbler? We'll see.
  After last week's mammal rich trip to Ile Saint-Bernard left me feeling mammal-ignorant, I picked up the Peterson mammal guide. It's badass! It helped me fix a vole mistake - if I had a nickle for every vole mistake I've made...
  I also bought a second-hand beginner's guide to Quebec's birds, and I've spent part of the day penciling the French bird names into my Sibley's guide. This step is long-overdue, as French vs English names are often remarkably different and 'unguessable' (Eastern Kingbird = Tyran tritri?!).
  In Korea news, lovely early migrants such as Daurian Starling, Chinese Pond Heron, Hoopoe, Blue-and-white Flycatcher, Brown-headed Thrush, Grey Thrush, Cattle Egret, Pacific Swift, Red-flanked Bluetail, Black-winged Stilt, Little Bunting, Stejneger's Stonechat, and Brambling are already moving through Mara Island, just southwest of Jeju Island. Wish I was there. Spring migration on the Korean islands is spectacular.

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