Thursday, February 22, 2018

Cuba cinco – Viñales NP, February 16, 2018

male Western Spindalis Spindalis zena (pretrei)
female Western Spindalis Spindalis zena (pretrei)
Cuban Emerald Chlorostilbon ricordii
Yellow-faced Grassquit Tiaris olivaceus
Cuban Solitaire Myadestes elisabeth
Cuban Solitaire Myadestes elisabeth
Smooth-billed Ani Crotophaga ani
Cuban Vireo Vireo gundlachii
Northern Parula Setophaga americana
Palm Warbler Setophaga palmarum
La Sagra’s Flycatcher Myiarchus sagrae
'red' American Kestrels Falco sparverius (sparveroides)
Killdeer Charadrius vociferous
Snowy Egret Egretta thula
  Finally got up into the outback of Viñales NP on the 16th, and had an awesome morning out. Matt French (co-worker from Jeju) and his bud Doug Watts were spotting birds left and right, in a target-rich environment. Picked up quite a few Cuba specials, including the Cuban Tody, a spectacular little gem that merits its own post. By midday, that tropical sun sure can be an ass-kicker – good thing there was a little mojito shack on the way out.
  The Cuban Solitaire was a talented songster, singing what the field guide described as a "...far-carrying song, said to sound like a wet finger rubbed on the rim of a fine porcelain cup." Ooh la-la.

Great White Egret-3
Snowy Egret-2
Cattle Egret-5
Turkey Vulture-20+
American Kestrel-2 dark phase birds seen mating
Zenaida Dove-2
Mourning Dove-4
Common Ground Dove-8+
Smooth-billed Ani-6
Antillean Palm Swift-50+
Cuban Emerald-1
Cuban Tody-2
Cuban Pewee-3
La Sagra’s Flycatcher-3

Cuban Vireo-1
Cuban Solitaire-2
Red-legged Thrush-1
Northern Mockingbird-15+
Northern Parula-2
Yellow-rumped Warbler-3
Prairie Warbler-1
Palm Warbler-20+
American Redstart-1
Western Spindalis-3
(Rose-breasted Grosbeak-1 female possibly seen)
House Sparrow-6+
Yellow-faced Grassquit-18+
Cuban Blackbird-8
Greater Antillean Grackle-20+

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