Friday, September 23, 2016

Downtime at TCBO

Ollie the boffin bodging together a hand net - he owes me 1$
Ollie beating Nick at chess
David beating Nick at chess
Cribbage = worst game ever
Playing TCBO Pursuit
TCBO Pursuit board - I made it in four minutes, and it shows
Mille Bornes - everyone's favorite
Bimble Scrabble
Reading on the platform
Team reading
Message from the past
Hike up to the cliffs with Nick
Nick = Lake Superior's Little Mermaid
Fire filled with exploding rocks
Everyone's favourite pastime - napping
What to do with your free time after six hours of birding on the platform? Birding from the tower, of course (Hare Island visible, and Thunder Bay on the horizon).
Sweet tape collection - we played the Dylan tape repeatedly
  The TCBO routine and chores took up most of the crew's time at the field station, and I'll get into that later. When we were off the clock and not napping, I'm happy to report that we weren't glued to our phones (no internet service except for a spotty signal up the tower), or watching TV (no TV there). The station has been around for 25 years, and our downtime was filled with an array of refreshingly old school pastimes that wouldn't have been out of place in the early 90s (I'm pretty sure I can remember the early 90s).
  Aside from the above distractions, there was skipping stones, prank battles, mandolin/singing jams, Indian arm wrestling, writing, drawing, charades, map-drawing contests, baking, and watching the odd movie on a laptop. We also engaged in such arcane pursuits as listening to entire albums, and talking to one another. It was awesome to unplug for a while. What am I doing now? Watching TV.

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