Friday, November 10, 2017

Noah Strycker talk

  Last week I went to the monthly BPQ meeting just down the street, which featured a talk by Noah Strycker (fun fact: his name is pronounced Streaker). He did a global big year in 2015 and ended up seeing over 6,000 species (out of about 10,000 in the world), while having a heaping portion of wacky adventures. While birding is often a solo/personal pursuit for many, a lot of Noah’s highlights and memories from the year involved his interactions with the locals. I can confirm this from my lost decade of birding in Korea – you definitely run into some characters when birding abroad! 
  People laughed at all the correct moments, and his speech and powerpoint were slick and well-rehearsed – in a good way. I’m expecting an entertaining read from his book, Birding Without Borders.
  I had a brief chat with him, and he seems like a cool dude, and an inspiration as well. Here’s a guy who is 
traveling and birding and (presumably) making a living from writing about it. Something to aspire to, for sure.

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