Monday, February 5, 2018

Birds Korea Checklist 2018

  Birds Korea has just come out with their 2018 Checklist, hurray! Download and/or view it here:
  Nial Moores and some other folks put a whole lot of work into this, and this time, I was able to put in a little of my own (editing/proofreading). While there were a couple of long nights, it was rewarding to get elbow deep into the mud of it, get an intimate feel for the list, and the changes since the 2014 checklist. The statuses of some species have shifted for the worse - more evidence of the disturbing downward trend of bird populations in Korea, and indeed all across our thin-skinned little orb.
  It was also a reminder of the species that have turned up in Korea for the first time over the past few years (Grey-sided Thrush! Grey-headed Canary-flycatcher!), and indeed, the huge repertoire of birds I’ve yet to see there. A good reason to go back, amidst a turbulent sea of reasons not to.
  Hey, I’m going to Cuba next week! Tody or not Tody, that is the question.

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